Art as it Appears on Main St.

Dollar General fixes the market share for water-paints. 

Bristles stay in cheap color, when dipped in tap water, mark the givings with charcoal hue. 

The concoction adapts to room temperature. 

A misstep qualifies the liquid’s leverage, taunting it to tipping point. 

Accidents will happen.


Masterpieces contain a wall with triple-figure-income. 

Visual art attributes its value to hindsight. 

So long as the world burns, wooden canvases inherit their wealth.


Gossip overlaps like brushstrokes. 

Silence reveals Caravaggio’s murder victim in color. 

Passersby discern Modica’s Charging Bull as an elaborate fraud, seeing red ruined Burden’s palms with stigmata instead.


Religious concepts plagued aesthetic renderings, blanket terms draped an homage to Christ’s suffering,

As conformity attained the individual,

Art mirrored human anguish in lieu of God’s punishment.


What was beautiful remains an academic study. 

Duchamp’s urinal is still lost to time.

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