Part One. Re-imagining Icarus as a Candle.

Horror directors style their killers in masks. The ability to leave them nameless and faceless contrasts anonymous interactions against the trope of the killer always being someone familiar to the protagonist. They never “see it coming” the same way a domesticated turkey trusts that their trip to slaughter is nothing more than a holiday. Humans fluent in habitual performance, task their day in responsibility and succumb to what it takes for them to complete said tasks. But this habitual undertaking shouldn’t be regarded as boredom, rather they’re existing as they should. Consciousness operates within the confines of a hallucination, seeking to eliminate surprise and dole out the proper, regular, response should the moment occur. Surreal undertakings confuse a sentient creature, panic ensues and soon they’re checking their vitals, discussing sedation methods with a medical professional. Which brings about the Millennial nostalgic revolution revealed in contemporary pop-culture. 

90’s and early-00’s fascinations are adorning advertisements, appearing in Super-Bowl Half-Time Shows, rebooted as movie franchises and celebrated on magazine covers, as if their careers never faltered in popularity. Dr. Dre and Snoop questioned, “guess who’s back?” While elderly viewers scoffed at the hip-hop harmonies, Millennials followed their rap superstars, on stage, to take their moment in the sun, alongside them.

Part Two. Out of the Mouths of Babes

Memories aren’t self. Self is being. Being is a story. Memories contribute to self, operating in shadow, waiting to unmask in a moment’s notice. 

Millennial nostalgia differs in world-view context. Previous American generations, Gen Z-Baby Boomers-Babylonians, accommodated technological mutation with slow burning fervor. They basked in smoke screen economies where a person could graduate high school, get a job, procreate and be set in joy and monetary means. There was a sense of community because so much which pertained to existence depended upon the other.  Once the internet was introduced, divisions grew and prestige was laden with dial-up servers. The other became an obstacle. World Views were bracketed and graded with thumb standings, like Roman warriors looking to Caesar for approval, thumbs-up was victory, but thumbs-down sans a loss. The gesture indicated that the voters were ignorant, dumb and required an enlightening, for how could one be wrong when so many media resources suggested one was right?

Part Three.I Haven’t Been, I am, I will Not Be, Who Cares?”

There was a light fixture at the library which flickered and decorated a corner of the non-fiction section with strobe aesthetics. It remained as such for weeks until enough complaints were had, prompting management to instruct maintenance to change the bulb. It had to be done after-hours as a safety precaution. So it was, next morning, the maintenance worker turned off the lights, escorted a ladder, flashlight and their tools to the broken bulb. They set up the ladder beneath it, turned on the flashlight and fixed it between their teeth, climbed the rungs, unscrewed the fixture, removed it and were showered with dead bugs. This startled the laborer, causing them to lose their footing and fall 10ft to the ground below. The whiplash from the descent, forced the back of their skull to connect with tiles, comprising the floor. Blood pooled out from the wound, wetted hair and was stopped by a shelf of books dedicated to astronomy. The body was found by a homeless man. He alerted the information desk about his discovery, but not before taking 20 dollars, tucked inside the corpse’s billfold.

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