“Power floats like money, like language, like theory.” -J. Baudrillard

At the Super-


Security cameras monitor the baby food, coordinated by flavor, 


Labels the mashed peas, taunts A palate

Fixed to asses pill zest 

& energy drinks 

& human organ excretion.


Data gathered from surveillance

Promoted Foucault’s panopticon 

To watch Jean Valjean’s pantomimes 

From dusk till dawn. Profits plummeted, 




Save face syndrome

Will protect consumers 

From themselves.


Setting forth a surveillance 

Constructed by media factions,

That encouraged its users 

To flaunt their self-monitoring 

As a fashion:






Simulation montage scrolls along the screen. 

World behavior shrunk to quick buck criteria.


Hand-eye coordination results in abuse

Bet it,

Finger points,

Or thumbs pushing the replica 




Users see themselves in the ordinary 

And that’s worth watching.

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