As if to market Time as a Failure

“Know thy shame and preserve thy glory.” – Lao-tze

A hospital bill arrives in the mail

Indicating payment past due, 

Such culpability would be moot,

If not for debt creating a future to be lived. 



Showcase a past event


Tempt fate

To promise liabilities

By wagering flesh against the Sun.


(When Icarus burned,

The vultures fed

And God gained a friend.)


Sentience describes time,

Setting details via exchanges,

Alleged by synthetic order.


Apologies promenade,

Discriminating against linear growth

Securing time to a moment  

At which one declares:

That’s what I remember.”


Whispers trail like an ellipses,

Gain growth and fill to a gasp. 

What amounts to an exhale 

Defines a sigh.


Now starts over again.

And again.

And again.

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