“No fair. No fair.”

Villains escort a mask and regulate dance, an advancement step 

Creating space, promenaded to be measured as

Rhythmic air.

No fair.

No fair.

Medieval trials deliberated guilt through intent. 

Swine ate consecrated biscuits. Rats burrowed below 

The cross, into the church wall. Humans evaluated

The actions, “No fair. No fair.” 

As pigs followed the swing 

Set forth by Newton’s Cradle,

Trailing back and forth 

From the gallows crossbeam. 

No fair.

No fair.

Dances with air. 

Motion untoward from spaces 

Meant for pupils rolling backwards

Matching the darkness 

Overlapping the backs of their skulls. 


Courageous mishaps deceive 

Capacities weighed from 

Action to justice; a

Switch flipped,

Activates the garbage disposal. 

Flesh delicate like ash 

Hovers inches above 

Twirling blades. 

Guttural groans lathered with tap water

Taunt food scraps eviscerated and drowned. 

Hands prune and defy certain mutilation 

By occupying court over indoor plumbing.


No fair. No fair

Matches the care 

Courts implement 

Onto biological 



Choose not to eat the plums.

Choose not to sleep in and arrive early for work.

Choose not to kill the mosquito and watch it consume blood.

Choose not to bundle up and encounter the chill.




Choose to ignore grammar?

Choose to accept the consequences?

Choose a fixed-mortgage?




No fair. No fair?

Who cares?

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