Plastic Culture

Sliced bread confuses the soulmate solution, redeemed in pairs.

Bottle-caps unscrewed presenting the naked grooves arranged for plastic perfection.

Rather. A. 

Digital fingerprint 

Via microchips. Made in squares, set in rectangles, 

Proclaiming unseen value, an illusion of technique.


Air filters capture cellular waste. 

Replenished wholesale from frayed tissue-

Securing viscera in place.

Ripe for an organic audit. 



Soul-mates and credit cards

Are made by nature.


Car alarm corrupts

The lull formulated 

By mid-day. Beeps customized in klaxon scales 

Invade the rooms housing stay at home parents,

Their kin and 3rd shift dreamers, sleeping off: what day

Is it?” 

None claim ownership of the violent noise,

For none are aware it’s their noise to claim.


Such is the vultures conundrum 

Upon discovering road-kill, 

Be it deer, or human

Value none the wiser 





No two pairs 

Taste the same.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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