A Soliloquy for Dead-Ends

A tree branch brandishes its silhouette 

And hides the stucco pattern, flourishing 

Across the wall. 

A leaf trembles in the wind. Pauses. 

Before its stem snaps and lets go

Of the leaf. 

Impulses obligate an outstretched hand

To snatch the leaf from wind patterns.

Fingers grasp the loose foliage 

And dollar bills within the same pinch. 

Let go

Impulses comprehend 3.00 dollar loss,

Intermingling with the leaf,

Setting a price for the moment.

Weeks categorize miscues, angry body language,

Falsified apologies. Pursued to give weight

To an otherwise feather bound text pattern. 

Lovers escape:

Her proprioception drowned in tap water,

Gurgling misunderstandings 


He thrums his fingers on the marble counter-top 

Contemplating the air it’d take

To take a bite out of tomorrow.

She leaves the bathroom door open

Vanity lights drape her silhouette

Over his contemplative stare. 

He reaches for her outstretched hand,

But as they press together,

Lights go out,

Leaving the only solution 


For them to break apart.

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