Word Finds and Pantomimes


December mocks the odds

Corresponding person-hood 

And insects, giving all fours 

Praise to greater Gods, 

Named with children’s eyes.

Bargain sets numbers 

With windfall. 4 skips the leaves.

10 skips the plastic. 60

Skips the airwaves,

Including End of World 


Like virgin births,

Art movements,

Gambling for fun.

Winter months play screen glares

On skyscraper glass and illuminate the frost,

Stacking firefly ambitions,

Reserved for 

Closed window  



And docile,

But for the neighbors 

Signing in Marathi.

Distance measures silence,

“What did we mean 

When we said we 

Wouldn’t go to sleep


In the distance

We slept silently alone. 

Frost designs 

Stayed the street lamps,

While behind the glass 

Darkness signaled a time

Where only shadows 

Are awake.

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