Artifacts of Sleeping Winds and Blank Stares


Blank stares authenticate hunger trends,

Inviting chest skin to pull taut against 

A rib-cage 

And match the trajectory 

Of running mascara. 

(heavy impulse pulverizes ordinary interest to aid in categorizing patterns found in reality)

(consciousness shields its dependent from disorienting qualia)

(thought increases entropy to end Time

Luxury territories deceive with respect to vulnerability,

Delicate like Autumn foliage and qualifying scarcity,

Remitting a grainy touch 

In question:

Why does nothing 

Cost this much? 

(duplicate zero)

Correct symmetry

Prophesied cultural aspirations 

Would set the price index. Autonomous minds

Abolish cost, leading to ambiguous resolutions 

For the free cost of Group-Think.


Establish place. Motion untoward. Time. Check. 

Designate mind. Check. Motion untoward. Dust. Features. Extend. 

Normal fascinations-

Perpetuate mental designations-

Establish place. Time. Name. Memorize. Check.

Repeat demonstrations-

Calibrate revelations- 

Name. Remember? Name. Remember?


Spit Sonnet 

Cultural allegories will enhance 

Time frames set for deterioration 

Ordinary patterns explain their chance 

On how time begins its operation 


Kiss shared among lovers produces spit 

Moving apart, a drop falls to the wind 

Translucent features combine bit by bit 

Love gestures incite time to rescind 


Evolving forward recommends the Now 

To compact and consider history 

When spit commemorates fate as how,

Stains a passing stranger in mystery 


Time remembers what history forgets 

Like dust left over from where lovers met

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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