Leviathan Recycled for Everyday Use

Curbside silhouettes overlapped lawn-plots, stymied in green grass growth to honor Personal habits (a bit long in the tooth) Personal touch (herein) twigs scattered about the land in allegiance to organized chaos. /// (long nails) included in this instance, pinched the wood’s edges, delaying a march to waste baskets. A peasant located in the 19th parallel discovers fire to UP-set the natural order of things, burns their societal bearings, leaving Fibonacci ashes for the next in rank. Contemporary parallels bracket private ownership, harken back to yore-laden-peasants and remind the populace art succeeds by providing an investment tax haven. A Peasant Wedding placed (dead center) in the dining hall of levy evaders welcomes the head-nod-history-lesson-(herein) correct appreciation begins:

Healthy sheets present floral prints

Shadows detail wrinkles in the fabric.




Affiliates the red rose 

Back-dropped against white tiles 

Inside the quilt block

Built to honor the Knights Templar.

Accomplished capitalists 

Make their beds 

In the morning

To prove all matters 

In accordance with plastic 

And petroleum

Are controlled.

A familiar bend overlaps the lawnmower’s casing. Pull string handle nestles inside his sweaty hand, he yanks with the force of an ordinary person. First attempt succeeds in an engine sputter, second attempt too. Third time’s the charm commends the cliche, engine roars! as he begins mowing his client’s lawn. 

From the window predator eyes survey the moving geometry. Horizontal advancement depletes the grass by inches. She’s satisfied with the kill. 

Dead eyes stare off, he proceeds forward over a branch with the lawnmower. Wood-chips eject from underneath the device, followed by tendrils of dark steam. He anchors in place, eyes alive with grief. 

“All wages lost for the day.” He thinks. 

“I’ll never recover from this.” 

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