An Observation from the Middle

Morning retains 

Doppelganger features. Stated in name

Mirror compulsions-

Two strangers stride in tandem

Inducing paranoia for those leading,

What relief as they break off into

Separate entities 

Defined by the other’s moment…

…what exists when left alone? 

Wooden frame casted for net gathering 

Captures objects among the cornered 

Boundaries. Carpet follicles, frayed by their freedom

Brush against nickel edges. Lint sponge:

Remains the accident,

Refrains the filthy hour the minutes bring.

An object glints underneath shrubbery,

Standing out, amongst the shadows. 

Observation reveals a combination lock,

Secured in its purpose. 

Password compliance defers separation. 

Chance assimilation with these numbers,

Brings about another intention.


Creates the living! 


Belies the end!


Precursors what could become,

Or what’s taken away?

Beyond the obvious

A combination lock 

Harbors its secret,

But without opening up

Becomes trash



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