History Restricts What Time Gives (and love too)


A railing design, wracked in nuance, habituates purpose to normalize the human lean. A bird perches on the pole, uses it as a stage to croon and seduce potential lovers. An ant wanders out of rank and file, begins to climb up the rod in honor of the Hive, to service the Queen. It reaches the top and holds court over their colony. A slight breeze pushes it off their pedestal, where its corpse becomes fodder for those who stayed in line. 

Sunlight downsizes apartment rooftops by playing their shadows against the brick walls composing taller structures. Masonry maintenance composed the canvas. 

Each brick showcases an individual action taken. 

These actions brought together sets the walls, sets the building. 

Narrative form contends for a linear advancement to place historical accuracy.

But the mind transcribes events in loose fashion.

Memories appear at random, like madeleine crumbs sequencing their descent

At the apex 

Of when the-soul-meets-the-body-meets-the-mouth. 

Falling apart.


Falling together. 

Ice patches decorate the steps. Citizens who ignored the railing before now find it more useful than air. Some of them hold their breath as they proceed in testament to the hierarchy settings. 

If they avoid slipping their steps will be remembered as a routine. 

A fall stays failure, stays a memory, stays history.



Heart strings dangle,

Catch on

Kitchen drawers.

She left open 

As a sanctuary for her apologies. 

“I can help.” He says closing the drawer. 

Loose ends unravel.

Together they bend down 

To clean up the mess.

While untangling the knot

Their hands become 

Intertwined with the string

Until distinctions blur 

To identify 

Person from person.

“I can still help.” He says dragging her 

From the kitchen

To the hallway 

To the car…

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