Myth consumers suspend air pockets inside mouth pillows, place their tongues in  and chew. Invisible walls situate the maze before them.


Defines the lesson of walking into barriers. Context manages the map with respect to painful discovery.

Lucid abandonment relishes sparkles positioned atop barcodes, sealed in plastic and holding sunlight like a mirage. 



Break? Around the world 


Familiarizes the text with procedure. Blink. Assimilate…

…to dark properties.

Down scope-tunnel-vision;

Characterizes these astrological designs 

As Greek mythology. “God doesn’t play dice.”

But dead zone static contains the vibrations 

Made when the universe stomped her foot in agony

Before birthing every feature described by human consciousness.

No more. No more. No more. 

Does fantasy abbreviate the jovial impasse 


As it’s commonly defined. An end.

A dry sponge. 

A fingerprint.

A ghost. 

An announcement. “God is dead.”

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