How to Kill Yourself Without Any Bones

Parking Ramp revealed an opportunity 

To shorten the distance 

From numb to nirvana. Headlights exposed

A showcase of accidental graffiti,

Left when metal met concrete, lights dimmed

To specks 

And were accompanied by

A parking ticket 

Tucked inside a cloth ridden alcove.

Underneath the Hospital’s entrance sign, 

A revolving door created a vacuum, 

Delivered scraps of foliage 

And forgotten trash 

To patient’s footsteps,

Sounding as if 

They were walking on fresh snow.

A perky voice offered

To validate parking.

Crestfallen, though,

To discover

It cost 8.00 dollars 

To exit salvation.

Pressing the help button 

Secured the familiar trope

Of God’s Voice 

Remedying creation,

“Parking is free.”

It said,

“But no one leaves 

Until all debts are paid.”

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