Universal Truths Faulted by Scotch Tape

Scotch-Tape portioned to an inch, fastened a poster to the window shop glass, dog-eared to make its removal accessible,

Prompting passing minds to hallucinate memories, of fingernails filed to nubs picking at tape corners, desiring translucent flaps to pinch a centi-meter 

And remove the tape.

Edges by metaphor alone offer a bargain. Allowing tiny steps a ledge to balance life and death, peeking at the canyon below, sequencing expiration with one wrong move.

Mask edges situate a crease from flesh to latex, commandeering shadows to disguise facial operations.

Sunset prompted the shopkeeper to step outside and take away the poster advertising their BOGO sale. 

Multiple removal attempts left a thin strip of tape in its stead. The shopkeeper measured the effort it took to withdraw the tape against their allotted time for the task and decided, “screw it.” They left the strip there to experience the elements.

Glass doesn’t age in years.

Glass is blank and reflects age.

Glass learns the truth and hides it like a secret.

Universal designs 

Collect beauty constraints 

And apply the definitions 

To the painter’s mind.

Questions pit 

These ideas 

Against frayed bristles


Tape will remain useful 


It’s not.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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