Stale Green Light

Time dilutes stimuli with in-flux examinations,

allowing love-tap-bruises to function for hindsight.

Space corrects for


if removed for inches, letters and shifting eyes.


registers an experience, setting the space

from observation to reaction.

Useless like a paper’s pink margins, indicating paragraph placeholders.


where symbols belong.

stomach placement when sitting measures average table height this codifies the slouch taken by table operators leveling a spot for forearm rest or elbow balance to eat write or freak in full utilization of the tools essence

emperors ate at table heights that amplified their glare apprehending shade to dress their laps in darkness leaving vantage lengths in the light to avoid confusion as the peasants eyes dilated in admiration

Pills have strange names

Ibuprofen (NSAID)

Different and special

belonging strange names to homespun mirrors transcending their reflections

no attempted peril is worth

floating in the sun


algae bothers surface water


algae is spelled wrong


spelling is a misnomer

made to contain

eye injuries

and false prophets

greeting elbows

while on their knees

paid corporate boredom

moderob etaroproc diap

sometimes i purposefully drink a lot of water to authenticate an excuse for leaving a situation

this strategy works great at work

like when a manager

traps my back against the wall

and i smell their breath

and words

i’ll politely explain

pardon me but i need to use the bathroom

innovative safety solutions

regulate compliance

corporate compliance

managers then designate a stammer

flabbergasted to be bested

by an authority higher than their’s

that of urine

polka dots presume an equal rank

rain too.

Rain drops and polka dots

are individuals

together a statistic.

qualifying humans for rank

suggests terms like “middle class”

equate humans

to polka-dots

assuming rain drops

return to heaven

over and over

remains humanity

a failed metaphor

for humans return

in name only

together in death

a statistic

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