Life Offers Experience That Only Death Relates With

Cornerstone grievance designates a stationary place to mourn. 

Bypassing these ordinary symbols, comes the laughter


footsteps achieve relevance 


The world.

Green drapes parcel sunlight,

Dressing the room in golden strips. 

Highlighting cracks in wooden furniture 

Like words on a page. 


Motorcycle’s exposed engine

Volumizes its exhaust pipe,

interrupts the standard woosh 

Had in traffic noise.

Wrinkled sheets surround 

Crossed legs 

And in this repose 

Memories corrupt 



Another job sacrificed to understand sanity. Counting pills like eyelashes. Blinking to retain a vision of the world. Fit. Fit. Fit. oneness contained among the stars. Arrived late after skipping breakfast. Purchased gas station bananas and left the peels in the backseat to rot. Halfway through the roadtrip fruit flies amass, contained by the back glass. Windows down. Traffic noise suggests their freedom. They remain hovering above the seats. 

Until death.

oneness among the stars.

Atop the world

Overlooking tree top spectacle.

Autumn touch. 

Leaves wrinkle like sheets, 

But will flake off and cheat the dust

For microscopic space. 

Nowhere but the stars.

Left to go.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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