Saturday Colors and Dollar Store Items


Purple makeup 

Washed out her sneer, 

Sniveling at near 

Touch. Holding accountable

Winter approaches to summer conditions.

Management evaluated the day. 

Stymied soft-cell accomplishment 

For anchor sets. 


Sans the polished reverb 

Evaporating from unspoken 



Rhythmic emails.

Store fronts 

Presented symbols,

Styled in graffiti. Red meant the End. Blue classified starting over. 

“Something like a new day.” She said.

Thrift store politics 

Priced the fine art book 

At an affordable stare. 

Declaring Florence golds 

An empty channel, 

To host tunnel 


For Art

Priced to move quickly. 

Boxes emptied

Of their products 

Left only 

As their brand names. 

Haunted plastic bags.


No longer a bedroom.


No longer a sponge.


No longer organs.


No longer promises.


Holding Court 

Against opposite galaxies 

Another I 

Sees the stars 

And begins the light

Tunnels seek to darken.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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