American Lives as Entropy

Peace relinquishes entropy, 

Searches for mini-situations

Emptying the mode of

 limited resolutions 

To understand


Herein times death knell. 

Twinkie packets


The wealthiest quadrupeds. 


Finish their designer meals,



Away from Named lapels

To be picked up by ancient cousins.


Distort future thumbs

And use condensation 

Like glue, 

Gathering every last speck

Of sustenance, 

Promising expiration,

Not today, but maybe tomorrow. 

Held captive in the undercurrent,

Exists a compassionate person,

Separating ice to include 

Frankenstein minnows 

In the galactic scheme. 

 (what secrets, lurk like stars,

In the ice?) Dark matter candidates 

Supplying the nuances 

In understanding Life’s failures. 

Property designed 

Belongs to humanity’s waste. 

With nowhere safe 

To leave EVERYTHING behind

An American flag was planted on the moon

And cosmologists wondered 

How the flag waved hello

With no wind.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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