Translating the Pronouns to distinguish Maxwell’s Demon

“You should never be surprised by or feel the need to explain why any physical system is in a high entropy state.”
― Brian Greene

Off Brand cereal remains the standard for discounted nirvana. 

Frosted oat flakes and chocolate puffs perform their ingredients as nomenclature, 

Eliminating employment for classic trademarked spokes-cartoons to sell the love. 

Instead mid level shelf placement, 

Hosts a moment for the consumer to negotiate brand recognition and price, 

 To void their thoughts in imitation 


Classic dominance 


“Top shelf” Vantage 

Pure lookout.

Without a life meter to distinguish the jump off point 

For existence,

Leaping from Heaven includes death

Whereas crawling up from Hell 

Provides the (presumed) opposite. 

Eating cold cereal in silence 

Emits the same crunchy cacophony,

Regardless of what’s inside the consumer’s mouth. 

Settling forever…

…what’s in a name. 

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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