Why is Wet Art Considered Ruined?


Secure patterns relinquished dimensional control, in effect, causing the colors to halt their allegiance and instead display reflections cased in sewage water, outfitted below a hollow, metallic, chessboard. 


City Folk 

Hide their catch-phrases 

Underneath the skin flaps

Decorating their furrowed foreheads. Crevices layered in grass set a home for a lampshade and water bottled tagged to represent a 1.50, in monetary value. If 72% of a human is made of water, that sets our cost on the low, for trade. 

We add value to our biology by consuming ten cents worth of tap water. 


Water dribbles from the painter’s kitchen faucet, they hoist paint brushes underneath the stream, massage acrylic paint from off the bristles. Water switches tints like a dissipating rainbow, as the artist forfeits thousands to a clean break and the pot of gold acknowledges it lost all value since Nixon divorced the dollar from the Gold Standard, but by setting the wet brushes in the sun to dry, wet art solidifies its achievements in performance. 

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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