Revolution. Only You Win and Now You’re the Government Everyone Hates

Decisions calibrated to a coin flip signifies humanity’s assurance in empty gestures, to fill the gap bridging choice and consequence. 

Illusory standards disrupt the caustic fruit fly, appearing like static in the peripheral eye-line. Murder impulse remains to remove the annoyance. (Swat) and the deed is done.

A universe diluted with solo involvement, without recognition for why such expressions began.


Here’s clarity, as if an answer belongs to the end. 


Chance occurs without reason and solutions happen in a natural state. 

Gravity removes a tomato soup can from off the shelf, lands on her naked toes, resulting in a welt which  she shares as an example of her bad day. 

Trump became president and Armageddon was sure to follow, the same goes for Biden too. 

Somehow…the fruit fly survives a murder plot, lives out the remainder of their 40 day life span, in testament to Jesus’ resilience to walk away unscathed from the Judaean desert, only to be crucified, leaving after another 40 days as God’s son.

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