Trusting Silence to Reveal the Truth and Becoming Depressed about what is revealed….

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live – moreover, the only one.“-Emil Cioran

Adoration for simplicity, qualified Kingdom-come, welcomed new centuries and fixed regicide to rectify introspection. 

(If we are GODS. We are MARTYRS too).

Newscaster reported that, “the revolution will not be televised,”as footage of the capital burning played in a corner of the screen. Flames styled the thumbnail and like the Newscaster’s pantsuit, proxied for the bigger picture. 

It’s recorded that Socrates rallied against the alphabet, suggesting the written word weakened someone’s ability to comprehend knowledge. (If we are GoDs…we are MARTyrs too). 

The Law Enforcement Training Center believes game-shows demonstrate human nature. As such, they’ve placed a television in the breakroom of their facility. On it stays the game-show-network. Educators recommend students study the facial expressions of contestants, as they oppose time and equals to win cash and valuables. It’s been implied that those participants who walk away without competing for a higher sum are akin to criminals familiar with white collar crimes. 

Simplicity offsets the original complication, be it Spinoza’s god, or a turtle hauling the universe on its shell over an endless sea of stars. 

Lying demonstrates the achievements of silence. 

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