Panopticon Viewership for Influencers


A history text-book was left open on the dashboard, 

Through the windshield, read a statement, highlighted in green:

“The State is a recent invention.”

Accepting this concept, 

Martha entered the Mall

And proceeded to shoplift various items

She considered crucial for her survival. 

Red eyeshadow to disguise her laugh-lines.

Make-up remover wipes to take-off her disguise. 

Blue lip gloss, in order to sustain the ultimate PUCKER for boot-licking. 

She finalized her transactions, while leaving the Market, 

Paused before a security camera. It was posted above her head,

Beside a light

In a corner of the parking-lot. 

Martha squinted and contemplated her pupil 

As the camera lens. “What do I see?” She asked. 



Armchair posterizing

Rationalized universal causation, deteriorated the walls

Fixed in place by moving tape,

Setting box corners.

Using edges last encouraged by Occam’s Razor,

Dragged a scissors and separated 

A place for valuables. 

Guts spilled. 

Robbed of purpose,



Presented to Flatland for examination. 

(Two halves design the whole.

One heart for an intravenous tow.

Encourages anxiety to stimulate 

Pleasures made to duplicate.)

Dumpster’s rusted hinges 

Squealed as they functioned

And welcomed the box 

Like a coffin nestling its corpse. Rain downpoured 

And men who sleep inside bags,

Separated the cardboard 

Into four corners 

And hid their dimensions 

Out in the open. Sunsets occurred. 

Moonrise kept the streets aglow

And what appeared to be a compromise

As reliable as Kant’s walking route,

Claimed the most popular habit



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