An Ending Suited for Regicide

An adorable suicide, 

Impacts the recall from dream state

To waking life. 

Taunting nightmare happenings 

To include catch phrases 

Synonymous with political campaigns. 

Illusions which trapped curators, who meant to establish options

For personhood,


Dictated dream state analysis. 

Flatland suggests a ledge to peer over, 

the concept of length directs shadows to retreat inside the basin. 


Posthumous profiles; standardized to fill elite dimensions, 

if such qualities subsumed human features 

What dances inside the abyss?

Locations are benefitted by former vagabonds,

Who censored their peripherals with fauna and 

insisted white collars strangle the throat,

Most suited 

For different sense-data. The kind of stare 

Given by an overseer

As they witness a slave revolt, 

Or a jazz drummer discovering accents off the beat,

Or God parting the clouds and declaring,

“Enough is enough…”

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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