The Standard Model

Cellular assemblage utilized for marketing products: 


Reality solicits convenience and sensory experience finalizes the transaction. 

Real world patrons divest their human features and auction them to bidders, 

Who contain the same organic alignments sold by the merchants. 

A higher quality of dust 

Contours the rusted inseam,

Bordering golden halos. 

Appearing as if

The old metal is smiling. Blankets of lotion 

Do the same,

Except patterns are made easily 

In the cream 

(tracing loop-de-loops_) and all that,

Rust-flakes jab

Underneath the fingernail and leave a red tint 

Atop human prints. The jewelry was artificial 

To begin with 

And purchased with full acknowledgement 

Of its true form, outlasting real plastic and flesh,

Numb to Armageddon and wealth.  

A failing franchisee 

Pauses before the entrance  

To his store. Beside an alcove 

Adjacent to him,

Sleeps a homeless man,

Inside a blue sleeping-bag.  

The owner nudges the man 

With his foot, in response 

He wiggles

Like veins  

Hiding under flesh, 

Words familiar to borrowed time

Possess the seconds of their exchange. 

Language makes existence happen.

It’s apparent 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians  

Is syndicated, as reality, for its dialogue.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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