(insert recycled sitcom trope here)

Cardboard boxes, stacked before the dumpster, 

Simplified access 

To raccoons, who ate like royalty, gorging on trash. 

Cardboard crumples when wet and rainfall 

Exchanged convenience for knowledge. 

Egg yolk 

Bespeckled with blood spots,

Stayed the predator’s hand

And examined the concept 

Of what could’ve been. NO. 

Life becomes. 

Life doesn’t happen. 

Dog urine 

Perfumed the tall grass. 

A scent which invited

Other mutts 

To take a whiff

Of identity. 

Self is the scent. 

CD bargain bins

Transpire the human condition,

Uplift infomercials

To Suicide Hotline 


For lonely insomniacs 

And cops working 3rd shift,

Who watch TV  

On break. 

Week’s end encourages 

Another sitcom trope.

Is it time travel? NO. 

Deja Vu’ suggests 

A moment 

Could’ve, probably, maybe

Happened before,

But definitely didn’t.

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