Gentrified Global Warming

Storm clouds challenged the skyscraper’s attempt

At censorship,

Posting their gray scale 

Above the CEO’s important view.

The type of view 

Laborers risk their lives

To clear smudges

From the window glass. 

Trees dropped their seeds 

And hijacked peripherals 

Acclimated to city plants 

Blending in with manufactured wood,

Bordering storefronts 

And gentrified apartment complexes,

But familiar twirls 

Alluding to helicopter blades 

Suggest the samaras fall 

Relates the human experience

To nature’s survival. 

Two squirrels scampered out from

An overturned trash bin.

The ping of their nails 

On the receptacle’s aluminum

Reverberated a steel drum melody,

As they escaped up a tree. 

Two blue jays grew hostile

To the rodent’s presence 

And chirped falsetto peeps, 

Warning them 

To take their leave. 

An uber driver 

Dropped her client off 

In front of the tree. The client 

Exited the car, heard animal noises

From above. She arched her neck and looked up

To identify the sounds. 

Sunlight broke through the storm clouds, overtook her vision 

And stained the combatant’s profiles. She peered up again, 

But blocked the sun out with her hand as it began to rain.

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