Lounge Wear

Exposed by

Loungers present their hips for suicide.

Typical Americana, lawn furniture 

Censors flesh in stripes

And organizes a sunburn 

To trail where restrictions flourish.

Different architecture disguises 

Front of the house aspirations.

Lawn gnomes posed in angry side-eye.

Doormats covered with generic clever comments.



And love. Belongs above the oven,

For Hell must be quite the BBQ.

At the bus stop, weeds align the sidewalk cracks

And transfer their seeds to laborers 

Solidifying the plant’s doom,

By walking on

And getting to 

Where they’re going. 



Sets and projects 

Its purple prison walls

And promises to be humanity’s prisoner

Until boredom becomes the norm.

Shadow breaks as the bus drives away

Everyone is left to stare at their phones

As if they had nowhere else to look.

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