Trash Bags forgotten at the Bus Stop


The Bereaved were outfitted

In their standard black costumes and stood before the soldiers 

Who bordered the Officer’s casket in Red, White & Blue. 

A hot mic captured the priest, presiding over the funeral,

Take a drink from his water bottle and announce, “BLECH!

That tastes like it came from the tap.”  

The soldiers ignored the priest.

They appeared to ignore everyone

Except their orders. 

Rifle tips balanced along their clavicles and the priest


“Your gestures remind me of the Signs of the Cross.”

He cracked his knuckles.

“I don’t think that’s an accident.” 


As a nation,

we struggle with domestic politics. 

As an Empire,

it’s much easier

to impose your will

under the guise of liberty.

2 ½. 

I was walking downtown

when a gnat flew into my eye.

I blinked and killed it.

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