Re-dux: Savior Complex

Ajax compensated for his loneliness by posturing his lips to Ohm in silence. 

Boredom enticed him to lapp his tongue and taste the bourbon smell 

emitting from his voice. 

Ohm. He began, simplified his thoughts and transcribed them to a social media post.

Establishing Ajax’s intoxication. 

Roll on Snare. Illuminate the laughter sign. 

Life becomes to anticipate chaos. 

Saving face to form comb-overs 

Stealing a Cheshire grin to reflect missing follicles

In shop windows. 

Life weaponizes becoming.

Hallucinations elicit memories 

And place familiar faces atop homeless


Ajax stands in line at the bank, watches the female teller

Activate her customer service training.

Which emphasized pity disguised as tolerance 

To placate lonely white males,

Confusing remuneration for affection.

Taking Last Names,

Replacing them with a savior complex. 

Peasants belong to the same life 

As royalty 

And mutts

And Audrey Hephburn 

And suicide by Ajax.


blood as life 

intrigues the loud-mouth. blink before the scope 

eyeing reel to reel 

cellular silence. 

Mama bird utilizes his crown

for her nest. Perches an egg

Against the King’s thorn. 

Winds filter through railings 

Styled to praise 

Art-deco fixtures. 

Waves as moments 

In time. In our time. 

A willingness to explore

Takes the Robin’s egg 

To the sidewalk below. 

Baby blue to cataracts gray.

Justice would’ve found the shell useless

After human touch anyway. 

Such anti-Faustian routines

Demonstrate why Protoplasm 

Cracked under its own assurance.

To explain how life fails 

In describing itself.

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