simple enough.


He lifted his elbow off the car window jamb,

Symmetrical creases trailed his forearm in testament to self-flagellation.

Worshipping open air 

For lungs

And empire opportunities 

For insects. 

She barricaded her chest with an argyle sweater vest.

Lint and dandruff appeared visible in the navy blue squares,

But failed in recognition atop the yellow squares.

The disappearance reminded her of driving on county roads

From the city to farmland,

Where the stars seem to appear out of nowhere. 

He opens her window.

Air rushes into the cluttered space and steals a white string

From off her left shoulder. It circulates inside a cyclone 

Before her eyes 

And scoots out the window,

Taken by the wind. 


Immediate threats congregate in dirt piles, organized to make room 

For parking lots. Halting entry to Nature’s back-door slumber party.

Disregard innuendos. These are to be retired and buried where vet

Clinics hide the corpses of Family Pets and roadkill.

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