Leading Backwards

Alienation negates the spy, observing at a distance, scope transfixed at center. A denial to focus on the ramblings relating space to tongue, off the center, specks take form and shapes related to memories begin again. 


A figurehead holding clay features before her face, shape of a nose before her nose, allay the same sequence to her other facial compartments, holding pose in dry clay, disguises the actual frown, brow furrow and tight-lipped-censure, taking form underneath.

Interacting with the clay would bring meaning to what? 

What is the meaning video conferences exhume, in relation to reality? 

What is a blink?

What does the abandoned bird’s nest signify about coming home? 


A tour guide wielding a machete, uses the blade to clear dense brush, obscuring the trail from their full vantage as they lead a tour group through the forest. 

What was the trail before the blade?

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