Spectacle of becoming

Situates the human vantage

To ditch its predatory instincts,

Linger along the gutted cubicles


shopping malls and


“it’s all changing.”

Insects channel the sensibilities

Concurrent to currency cycles

And generate populations.

Marching their brood



And concrete. Human

Footsteps impose eclipses

And they

Ignore the sole

Of a death sentence.


Soapbox functions by placing familiar insignia to hold court and blather about reactions.

Vocabulary reasoning adjusts value in compensation to rejected distractions.

All this to proceed in discussions relevant to tonal inflections.

Late in the evening

Refrigerator doors secure the cold

And perishable items are graded on their value

By the rate of consumption.

Cold becoming

Renders to the same dissection.

Sentience collects useful tidbits for self

Distributes them by piecemeal,

Responding to, limited as, wrinkles, Goose-pimples,

Hurtful words

And the idea that it’ll be over

In secret.

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