Natural Franchise

Franchises are a natural pattern found in nature they embrace the structure of the family motif by complimenting double-helix hierarchy via multiplying carbon copies

Natural selection situates the dominant features

Of these carbon copies

And applies them for use as needed

A feather for a Nose

A nose for an Eyelid

An eyelid for a Tongue

A tongue for Genitalia

Genitalia for Cubicles

Cubicles for Shoulder-pads

Shoulder-pads for Swiveling chairs

Swiveling chairs for Business cards

CEO demands the business goes public and buying-in quadruples the opportunity for procreation


Sunlight motioned the reveal of a magenta cross stitch bordering the kneecap flexing human pink underneath it all

Pivoting toward the chest overstuffed with towels failed in their objective to outlast the competition paper advertised as durable versus the elements

Kneecap consumes the skeleton bulge in layers of wrinkles and steals the form of kneeling parishioners

Oak tree consumed in white snow competes against the roots of an underground sprinkler system for space to demonstrate the function of having nowhere to be and worshipping this declaration by remaining there and setting the above natural shadow realm of naked branches fastening dark contortions to highlight where its opposition used to remain

Flesh lug overlaps the baby-blue bedspread and flattens the weak crevices contouring the mattress up and down left to right

Owl perches herself on the naked oak branch and rotates her neck to scan snowcapped suburbia for prey

Kneecap has no reason to understand the difference of kneeling for faith or kneeling for procreation

Owl eats a rat

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