That Must Be


Cartoon pageantry issues thought bubbles, captioning the forethought

Of blank stare senders, censoring make believe per banal understandings.


Providing new fashionable rebellion; Davies shoplifts three shades of blush. She takes them to her library’s public restroom, dips a sponge in the green makeup and inscribes her confession of theft onto the mirror. Davies begins exiting the bathroom, while leaving, holds the door open for the library’s security guard, who’s entering after her. She sees Davies’ confession and wishes she had the courage to do the same.

Exposing found ingenuity; Papa Deuces levels himself on hands and knees, lowers his head to peer underneath his couch. He grabs his cellphone, activates its flashlight app and uses the gleam to expire the cover of darkness. Stationed where the couch meets the wall reflects a sliver of silver. He reaches for it, but discovers a strand of floss. He shrugs, uses it to dislodge a popcorn kernel that had been stuck between his back molars for weeks.


Pistol’s handle

Warm like a womb.

Bullet is waiting for birth.

Bullet’s name given upon contact.

Aluminum disguised as origami figures.

Wings of paper cranes screech and shower

Flakes of rust. Flakes of Americana.

Clean-cut yesterdays

Wink at their televisions

And play out the schizophrenic technique



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