Showcases of Color with Respect to Advertisement

An explosion, origins unverified, erupted from the pond. Clumps of algae broke apart from each other and followed the current, collided with sunfish and bluegill carcasses floating belly up, reflecting full color spectrum off their scales, to combat the black of their dead eyes.

Sitcom streamed through Hulu paused on a commercial break, Tide Pods stayed the screen in their familiar orange hue, nobody blinked.

Furnace whistled, enticed the hamster to expose herself to lamp light gleaming from the opposite end of the room, staging the profile of her cage to cast over her red eyes.

The pond was asking for it. “It” detailing the criteria for murder and the decryption of judgement balancing desire and circumstance within the act itself.

Sitcom staged a human reaction and invited the audience to react based upon the context of the material as if they were mannequins dressed in designer clothes and holding mirrors, inviting models to check for malfunctions in their reflections, displaying the same duds as the mannequins themselves.  

Furnace whistle is reminiscent of Neanderthals shrieking in reaction to vermin scampering along the stone floor. Who doesn’t love a good tune?

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