Ode 2 @ Slumlord

Guillotine altered its gadgetry to include recycled windows,

With paneling leased  

And cared for by a slumlord. 

Though the slumlord 

Was unaware he’d sacrifice his neck 

To unite warring tribes,

The onset of global unity 

Is war. Closed doors hearken for stowaway insects, 

Who plant their fangs 

Into equal flesh 

As if they were Americans 

Embedding their flag in moonrock. 

But ignoring the tonal ambivalence 

Of plastic creased against 

A rock (empty shampoo bottles)

And a hard place (carpet samples) 

Requires clarity from 

Objects posting shadows

To prove their anatomical 


Neck breaks occur during times of unrest,

It’s when we’re sleeping that triple chins 

Harbor muscles unknown 

To combat their lucky break. 

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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