3rd Eye (candy)

Gasp diluted by dust ridden inhales,

Bargaining for acid tongue surplus


Melt the fat that’s

Ravaging the pontificator’s

Chapped lips. 

Orchestral articulation 

Aligns escaping carbonation 

With antidepressants

Shaken about 

Inside mouths 

Matching the orange 

From whence the bottle birthed. 

Triangle pulse predicts pitch, 

Sequences tissue rhythms 

To contend against 

Papers soaked in old soda,

Escaping out the car 

And scampering down the block,

Afraid of American freedoms.


Gatherer tribes begot 

Consumer culture

By combining resources 

And luxuriating by the fire. 

Sharing false claims of 

The GODS’ forever is tomorrow 


Worship places the parishioner  

Outside Walmart at 3am 

During a pandemic 

To purchase the same color palette 

They ignore for free.

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