Negotiating Progress

French surrealists portrayed love affairs between prostitutes and Bohemians as dedications to absurdity.
Absurd is advising a monkey to consume a banana due to its yellow pigment.
Affection is repetitive
And a
Marketing genius secured a condom dispenser above a urinal
Dedicated blank canvases for hire along the interstate and highways, promoting All You Can Eat Buffets, Evangelical services highlighted in blue neon, but Adult Novelty Stores attribute maturity to plastic pricks and movies demonstrating how a plumber may fix more than the pipes. Affection is repetitive.
Problem of negation suggests consumers consider marshmallows, shaped like fantasy charms, added to sugar coated oat flakes to be an enhancement for breakfast cereal.
Baroque composers dedicated 150 years to violin solos.
George Washington refused the title of King.
Indoor plumbing encircles news tickers, spotlights strip parked cars of their shadows
And refurbish anxieties
To pull the plug if necessary. Affection is repetitive
And humans love repetition.

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