Room for Solitude


Detailing repetition, envious of the rips in wallpaper, competing against the bleach stained cotton decorating the mattress shared among peasants and 30.00 dollar sacrifices to metal coils and in the mortal coil too. 


Sustains the living word, designates purpose for speech patterns rectified by dry throat assumption, blathering about and exposing the finer details of having nothing important to say.


Stays past midnight, functions to tie dye the shadows designating space to withdraw at the complexion of day-time shows and extend to the floor paneling after the rerun actors recite their dialogue like politicians addressing the nation based on the teleprompters advice. 


Delivers on its promises. 


Discovered and given names to establish company as something one discovers out of necessity. 


Another reason to call home.

Appearing to welcome 

Numbing the purpose 

Asking more of nothing than the space will give

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