freedom to borrow

Sapphire remnants target the blister, mutating to callus and Dog-ear a page made of flesh containing words written by labor. 

Floodlights direct affection for towering infernos, encased in glass, melting to apprehend the flames displayed within. 

Sweat. Sweat. 

The brutish hymnal resounds throughout the hollowed Earth. 

Different glass possesses subtler options of slow moving umph. 

Yellow iris poking a hole through the kaleidoscope, observing the sparkling frost designs held against dawnlight,

Or the tomato soup can given away at the food pantry, placed on the windowpane 

Contending with the wood screws to relevancy to martyrs come and gone. 

At the apex of crosswalk, stoplight and sidewalk ramp a man pushes his suitcase on wheels, pauses and twirls to take in the apartments gleaming yellow from atop their homes. He’s thinking of going home too.

Once he finds it.

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