anything for the sake of karma

Dress shirt sets wrinkles in earshot and claims stigmata 

After the pen breaks and dots greased palms. 

Falling to pulse fluctuations, setting the rhythm for  a metronome

To track heartbeats.

Sitting cross legged on the platform bench opening their diary to page two documenting reality as experienced by one 

Leaves congregate in the air like plumes of dust erupting in sunlight off the force of an achoo 

Age described by crinkled flesh holds a pout for the lover’s bottom lip as the assistant waves goodbye ambling toward the moonrise 

Denim skirt claims American style in the Eastern stitches hemmed to hold censorship

Quick to rest the fabric which wasn’t used to repair holes in the furniture is draped over the microwaves blinking zeroes

Setting the canvas onto the easel dipping bristles in colors to capture the moment

“Why not take a photograph?”

Remembering merely to repeat or describing to pay homage

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