Naming Shadow Puppets

Font articulates the context of words through style, but at what point in the history of typeface did letters penned in bigger girth signify their importance above others? That is, if importance is related to focus, which it often is…depicting boldface script as the Class Clown turning a substitute’s faux pas into a punchline, instilling laughter and directing unrequited attention to their victorious sneer.  

At night, while patrolling the streetlight lit neighborhoods, the unknown focus perpetuates caution and footsteps follow suit, prompting a near sprint, but adopting power walk pace as to appear normal to invisible voyeurs, peering through slotted peepers. 

Glass supplied with greater bulk hordes the light and directs focus onto those brave enough to stare down the abyss. Nothingness rejects that casting a shimmer signifies life. If reality requires a shadow to demonstrate its depth then we’ve been wading in shallow darkness, focusing on the length of reflected shadow instead.

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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