Trademark the distance traveled

Along mindscapes to captivate the condition of tunnel vision.


Translates to

Acronyms for context. Fatigued by object permanence,

Names to accuse geography of belonging to humanism.  

Lug stands beside a garbage bag gorged with flattened tin-cans, 

Spaces to create more for profits, 

Jangles to distinguish Lug’s pigeon-toe amble,

Through the air. Through the street. Down the alley 

And Lug belongs to steps taken, 

Or was it what they saw? 

Siren wails round the corner, parks a foot off the curb,

Steps out in pressed navy dress pants and black tennis shoes,

Chewing on yesterday’s popcorn kernel 

Wrestled free from the smile gap. 

And this belongs to security, wholesome family


To watch instead of the unpatriotic NFL?

Waiting for distinguishable behavior and resulting actions

To manifest

From the otherwise acceptable going-about-your-day. 

Dandelion breaks, human saliva loosens the dead yellow

From the bloom, 

Transfers to dimples 

Like the venom which went from the asp to Cleopatra’s gasp. 

And this is twice a coincidence seemed to recognize

A pattern. 


It’s what Self came for? 

To witness.

To trademark

The witness.

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