Oracle I (!)



Luxury translator, drops eyebrow silhouettes and voicing in chorus to collective consciousness relates:

Why do rich folks have long driveways leading to their mansions?” 

Because after an abscess is drained it loses girth.”

Slept inside a porta-potty to demonstrate that light passes through what’s real. Designing idioms for illegal tongue &

Cheek references. 

Catalogued knowledge, 

As if matching human behavior to a wordless species 

Exhibits a plan for existence, but deducting words from language 

Are still thoughts relayed via 

Generic Laissez- faire.   


Lifting two-tone off five awkward blushes secured to bruised cheeks lifting up wrinkles to kingdom come,

Crown deposited to shelf placement set beside a snapshot of five skin size frames holding their noses up to smell the nothingness of mummification, 

But at the supermarket 18 years ago Oracle purchased a box of Twinkies intending to consume them after the apocalypse but Regan betrayed Gorbachev and Coca Cola drowned the dissenters in brand name glucose 

Mushroom clouds were cumulus instead

War fascinated itself with commerce and became a hot comoditee and alienated social status as Marx predicted 

Describing the ranks personifies Self to the examined life,

But from knowledge comes the explanation 

And no prophecy would have predicted 

How easy it was to bore ourselves into submission 

By having too many choices

We chose to do nothing

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