Interrupted at Birth and Ignored at Death

Social patterns fragment, sequencers acquire familiar space-fillers and plug up what’s left behind. 

Richard clicked on the Google maps app icon, its interface filled the screen and he typed his desired destination into the search bar

New commerce fixates on fixing mindscapes to unleash dopamine hits, beginning their seduction through rumors to populate curiosity among consumers and delivering on their lust-filled-assurance with POP! ZIP! ZING! 

He began following the directions, narrated by a female’s voice modified by a robotic accent and tone deaf pitch-

Capital manipulates expectation by submitting the consumer as the product, ouroboros sans the reptile and the scales aren’t set as armor, but rather used to measure the return on investment after feasting on one’s ass. 

Richard passed a street  named Hemlock Way. ‘Hm,’ he thought, ‘that’s how Socrates died’-

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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