Gestures to Shout, Laugh and Sneeze

Handwritten body-language parcels lip locked vowels at the expense of jabber jaw phonics. 

Tone deaf linguists decipher the intentions of mouth to foot vocabulary

(this is what the hosts of infomercials dream of! a product that’ll fly off the eyes)

Who holds council in consciousness?

And using gestures inherited 

From everyday conversation (ex. Moira loathes the goiter jutting out of Tony’s chin, the sack wiggles like a wattle when he laughs. She avoids humorous topics throughout the course of their water cooler dialogues, but he’s one of those likes to talk-about-what-was-on-TV-last-night type of orators and his penchant for revealing the punchlines from must-see sitcoms includes his wattle dance. Moira has taken to watching dramas to counter his joke laden banter with insights on faux nurses trapped in a (unbeknownst to the cute lead) thrupple, expressed in dead-pan and wide eyed stoicism). 

Notes taken from hand contortions meant to symbolize 

“O.K.” and quotations to highlight sarcasm and wit

Belong to universal grammar,

But the unrelenting achoo inside an elevator,

Glutted in shoulder to shoulder parlance 

Is like live-streaming necromancy 

During an office Zoom meeting. 



Bye and the hello (held low)

Stare of shoe, sandal and croc 

Avoidance. To be asleep and walking

Is to be day-dreaming too. 

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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