Ambit of object permanence 
Organizes occurring phenomena,
Distributes its usefulness 
To the continued structuring
Of actuality- 

The delivery of paste onto appendages, 
To flesh 
And touch,
Removed like rust bargaining with the occasion
To function as before
Described in memory. 

Time programmed on the microwave:
Disrupts real,
Continues in seconds and paused in mid countdown 
Holds its form 
To honor abandonment. 

Scram to the beheading!
Chants of ending-it-all 
Explain the worst 
Attributed to the human condition. 

At dinner 
Her wristwatch 
Stopped working
And time 
Predicted its death. 

Time isn’t forever. Much to the chagrin
Of those who discovered its message
“To document is to die
And language is time too.”

Published by akcola

AK Cola is a pop-culture war veteran.

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