Accident Prone and the Family Misgivings

Lineage reunited when metal assaulted colors stacked atop each other, prompting obedience in accordance to hue transformation, operating like a wink, but processing iris censorship results in seduction that color-shift dominates traffic and any rejection, “defiance,” results in dragged-by-the-throat submission….


Leather outfitted to the cars interior 

Wrinkled like the flesh which placed it there. 

 (mutation distinguished by its ability to attribute agency through peripheral location.)

Seconds gave witness to a lifetime of recollection. 

Aluminum was the car was the pole. 

The recycling factory established temperature as if it was a sweat lodge, employees showcased ambition in the perspiration stains contouring their armpits and foreheads. Bert stripped a television of its innards and wondered if the pieces would ever meet again. 

Pole was brother was the car’s hood brother too?

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